5 New Applications of AI in Recruitment

It is clear that technology has changed the way businesses hire potential candidates. With the rise of AI in recruitment, finding the right talent has become a pushover for the majority of the new-age hiring managers. Unlike previously, recruiters no longer have to spend their valuable time handling repetitive and labor-intensive hiring tasks. They can automate almost every aspect of the recruitment process in a single go by effectively employing Artificial Intelligence (AI). Moreover, AI can work wonders for creating a diverse workforce and facilitating talent retention within the organization, thereby eliminating unconscious hiring biases from the recruitment process. However, it is imperative to opt for the best AI-based recruitment software in order to reap the real benefits of this newly emerging technology. In this article, we will mainly focus on the latest applications of AI in recruitment so that you can implement the same in your future hiring strategy without facing any sort of difficulty.

Now, let us get started and discuss the 5 new AI applications for recruitment one by one.



Chatbot is an important application of AI in Recruitment


One of the latest applications of AI in recruitment, chatbots are used for automating communication usually through advanced textual methods. They are becoming increasingly popular because they boost the overall candidate experience instantly. AI-powered chatbots provide great assistance to hiring managers as they employ Natural Language Processing (NLP) for undertaking recruitment tasks like collecting important details from potential applicants, posing job-related questions, scheduling interviews etc. Other than that, chatbots can easily automate the process of screening candidates’ resumes while offering instantaneous solutions to applicants in real-time. Once all the essential information is gathered by the chatbot, it is fed into the ATS system so that further measures can be taken by recruiters.

AI powered Video Interviews in Recruitment


In this age of digital transformation, video interviews are slowly becoming an integral part of the modern-day hiring process since they are easy to conduct. Digitized video interviews can come in handy for facilitating a face-to-face interaction with remote as well as non-remote candidates. Another benefit of video interviews is that they allow both recruiters and potential job candidates to save a great deal of time. By conducting AI-powered digitized video interviews, recruiters can effortlessly assess the mood, facial expressions and behavioral traits of candidates. However, see to it that you invest your hard-won bucks in a well-featured recruitment solution to conduct digitized video interviews in the best way possible.

Automated Talent Sourcing through AI in Recruitment


Nowadays, recruiters and hiring managers face plenty of challenges when it comes to sourcing the right talent for vacant job positions in a company. Without streamlining the process of talent sourcing, connecting with high-performing can be an extremely herculean and time-consuming task. Due to the recent developments in AI for recruitment, it has now become possible for recruiters to automate talent sourcing and strengthen their existing pipeline of candidates. With the most advanced AI-powered recruitment solutions, you can browse through the large pool of candidates’ social profiles online to find the best fit for the job without putting in many endeavors. In addition to facilitating the automation of talent sourcing, hiring managers can also utilize artificial intelligence to forward personalized messages to candidates and keep them updated. Not only that, AI-powered recruitment tools come equipped with all the features that are required for keeping candidates engaged.

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Talent rediscovery can be accomplished through AI in recruitment


There is absolutely no denying the fact that talent rediscovery is of utmost importance for most hiring managers. Especially in today’s candidate-driven job market, reaching out to the best talent in less time is not a piece of cake in the least bit. Owing to the tough competition for the best talent, a large number of companies around the world are struggling to find highly qualified candidates for open job vacancies despite their best efforts. Another vital point is that recruiters have to spend a huge amount of money to find new candidates. Moreover, they also end up wasting their precious time while on the lookout for fresh talent. Nevertheless, it is better to sift through the existing talent pool for reaching out to potential candidates who had shown interest in previous job openings and applied in the past. You never know that the candidates in your talent pipeline might turn out to be an ideal fit for the open job position in your firm. Hence, recruiters can make use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to instantly scrutinize job descriptions and rediscover candidates by searching through the existing ATS database.


Sentiment Analysis through AI in Recruitment


One of the newest applications of AI in recruitment, sentiment analysis tools are used by multitudes of recruiters around the world to improve the candidate experience by collecting feedback from candidates in their preferred social surroundings rather than via traditional feedback forms that take a lot of time to complete. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can easily analyze the sentiments of candidates in a better way than human beings. By deploying advanced procedures like biometrics, computational linguistics, facial recognition etc., AI-based recruitment management tools make it possible for hiring managers to judge the candidates’ sentiments without any scope for error. Recruiters can also make use of sentiment analysis tools to identify biased language at any stage of the hiring process. Additionally, they can create catchy job descriptions for attracting a diverse pool of candidates just by efficaciously utilizing this technology.


Ostensibly, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been playing a crucial role in improving the overall efficacy of the modern-day recruitment process. The best part is that apart from helping companies recruit exceptionally talented staff, AI enhances the candidate experience during the hiring process as well. Clearly, artificial intelligence has made life much simpler for recruiters, and considering the technology is still an emerging one and undergoing further development, there are certainly going to be more benefits innstore in the years to come.