5 Must Haves for a Company Careers Website

5 Must Haves for a Company Careers Website

A company’s career website is one of the most important recruiting tools that a HR person has to their disposal. However, to only consider it as a recruitment aid would be underselling your employer brand. A corporate website is more than that. It is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your true value proposition and can prove to be a compelling cause for jobseekers to apply to a new job in your company.

Attracting top talent takes more than just posting jobs on different platforms and waiting for responses. In fact, if you want to have a real chance at hiring quality talent, you first need to have a strong employer branding strategy in place. A strong employer brand not only gives you access to better talent but it also gives you an upper hand while negotiating the final compensation package. (Also Read: Hiring Trends In 2018 That You Can’t Ignore)

A career website is one of the important parts of this employer brand and therefore, you should put great emphasis on optimizing it for maximum results. Also, as per the 2017 Silkroad Sources of Hire report, a career website is an important source of hiring, delivering 14% of the candidates. This makes it all the more important to optimize your company’s career website.

The five important elements of a company’s careers website are:

Impactful employer branding is a must have for company career website

There are certain characteristics of a successful brand. It cares for its customers. It communicates and engages with its customers. It provides a unique and clear value proposition. An employer is no different. If you want to attract the best customers aka employees, you need to make it known that you are one of the best employer brands out there, if not the best.  How to go about it?

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Build company culture videos/Employee speak

Prospective employees want to see how it like is to work at your company. They may want to have one of your employees say how it feels working there. The best way to have this possible is by having a video where you show in brief (60-120 seconds is enough) the brand, legacy and how it’s like to spend a day at work. Alternatively, you can have two to three 60 second videos – one where you talk about the brand and second where employees share their experience like how do they find the work and the workplace. Inserting pretty visuals of work stations, recreational areas and employees having fun time is also a good way of conveying the message.

Company Blog

Many large employers such as Microsoft have blogs on their career site. These blogs are a good way of communicating various smaller aspects of working at the organization as making a video for each of them might not be feasible after all. Some of these blog posts might also be generic career advice as you want the jobseekers to capture value after visiting your site.  There could be stories of how a product was developed against major deadlines, putting a spotlight on how teamwork made even the toughest things possible. Such stories show the bonhomie and empathy that the workers share at the workplace.

Call to action is essential for the career site

A call to action is an absolute must. Employer branding is not the only purpose of your company careers website; the main goal is to make the candidate apply to the openings. Other CTAs that you may include are social sharing buttons so that the candidate may spread the word about the particular job in their social network. In addition to that, a Contact Us form that serves as a query platform for the jobseeker if he has any concern is also very much required. Without valid CTAs, there is not much use of having a career page, is it?

Company careers site integration with ATS is important

There are a number of ATS’ that easily integrate with your existing careers webpage so that you can easily update it as and when new job openings are there. If you do not have a company career website or if you want a redesign, these Applicant Tracking Systems come with an option of developing them for you. All major ATS like Bullhorn, NaukriRMS, SmartRecruiters provide this possibility. With an ATS, updating the careers website becomes a breeze.

Good Job descriptions are a must have on careers page

A careers page doesn’t serve its purpose until the job listings aren’t effective enough. Not only the design and font should be legible, but the job listings should be smartly drafted and double checked for errors before being posted on the page. Adding smart filters like departments and locations will help candidates find the right job quickly. Also make your job listings interesting, bias free and easy to understand.

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Careers web page must have a responsive design

The millennials believe in doing most of their job search on the go. Mobiles are being touted as the next generation devices which can help accomplish most of the tasks while on the go. Hence, it is imperative to have a webpage that is mobile friendly. If you want more candidates to visit your company’s careers webpage and apply to the jobs there, make sure the site is optimized for mobile. A bad mobile experience will not only send back the candidate without applying to any job but also damage your brand value.

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