5 Effective Strategies for Mastering Passive Hiring

Taking into account the serious talent shortage in today’s hyper-competitive hiring market, finding skilled and qualified candidates has become extremely difficult for the majority of companies. Being occupied with time-consuming hiring tasks like manually posting job adverts and searching through lengthy documents, HR professionals are often unable to focus on pursuing top industry talent for filling numerous job positions within the company that have been vacant for a long time. The best solution to this problem is to source high-quality passive candidates who are currently employed and not actively on the lookout for a job. It is so because whenever passive applicants are presented with better job opportunities, they are usually quite willing to consider the option for advancing in their careers. Not recruiting passive candidates is like missing out on top-tier talent. The top 5 tips given below in this article will come in handy for giving a substantial boost to the overall recruitment efficiency, thereby helping you perfect the art of passive hiring in less time.

 5 Effective Tips for Passive Recruiting


Considering the ever-changing talent acquisition trends in the recruitment landscape, there is no denying the fact that passive job candidates have been an all-time favorite of most employers. The best part about passive applicants is that they perform quite efficiently and hence, they are indeed the most valuable asset of any company. Now, let us quickly take a look at these effective tips for recruiting passive candidates to drive progress, increase the speed of hire, and produce favorable business outcomes much faster.


Create an efficient employee referral program


It is true that attracting and sourcing passive job applicants is no piece of cake. But what’s noteworthy is that companies can easily reach out to passive talent by creating an efficient employee referral program. In fact, recruiters have been landing successful hires via referrals for a long time now. You can encourage your employees to leverage their personal connections and networks to find high-quality passive candidates for the organization. Although implementing an employee referral program might appear to be an uphill task as motivating employees to participate can be somewhat challenging. To solve this issue, you can reward your workers with monetary incentives for increasing participation to ensure that the desired results are achieved at the earliest time possible.


Work on promoting your company’s brand image


Promoting your business’s brand image online is of utmost importance in today’s age as most passive candidates’ research extensively about the company before applying to the job. For this purpose, you must keep your organization’s profile up-to-date on popular company review sites like Glassdoor, Kununu etc. If you really want to evoke interest in the minds of candidates, you must show to them what sets your business apart from the competition. Share relevant content that is visually attractive to showcase your company culture as it will help you strengthen employer branding. Besides this, emphasize professional growth opportunities and explain to applicants how working in your company will be beneficial for their job careers in the long run.


Use an Applicant Tracking System for passive hiring


Modern recruiting practices have changed significantly with the advent of new-age automation technology. HR professionals can now streamline a variety of manual talent acquisition operations like CV screening, job publishing etc., and focus on vital organizational objectives. Digital recruitment solutions that are driven by Artificial Intelligence can sift through the voluminous amounts of candidate-related data online and analyze the same to shortlist the best passive candidates who are open to exploring new employment opportunities. With an advanced applicant tracking software, you can easily find passive talent by digging the recruiting databases based on search parameters like experience, skillset, industry, and educational qualifications. In addition to this, talent acquisition solutions can help you save valuable time, lower recruitment costs, and supercharge business efficiency.


Modify your social media recruiting strategy and increase candidate engagement


One of the most effective ways to connect with talented passive job candidates is to modify your social media recruiting strategy so that you can boost your reach across the web. Now that almost every individual is active on social media platforms, there is great scope for finding exceptionally skilled passive candidates. But it is extremely important to make sure that you do not just focus on one platform for attracting quality applicants or else your efforts might get wasted. Instead of just focusing on mainstream social platforms like LinkedIn, give a try to other websites Facebook, Twitter etc., and utilize the advanced targeted search functionalities to locate the best passive talent with little to no effort.


  1. Make your hiring process flexible


If your hiring process is not simple and flexible enough, there are high chances that prospective passive applicants will lose interest in your organization. This is why you should be transparent with your candidates and provide them with all the necessary job-related information such as workplace responsibilities, salary package etc. You should also enable communication with potential applicants via different communication methods like live call and chatbots for increased convenience. Moreover, you should make live video interviewing an inseparable aspect of your recruitment process to eliminate the need to commute, thereby helping candidates avoid hefty travel expenses and save plenty of time simultaneously. More essentially, you should also work towards improving the experience for passive talent by forwarding personalized emails every now and then. But ensure that you keep your email messages short and precise to captivate your favorite applicants in the best manner possible.


Hiring passive candidates in today’s fast-paced world is one of the biggest challenges that is being faced by the modern breed of recruiters. Passive candidates are interested in working with high-performing organizations that offer ample opportunities for career advancement and personality development. It is also important to note that building a positive reputation online holds great importance amongst human resources professionals. This is exactly why companies put in consistent efforts and employ smart strategies to nurture their brand image over the internet for attracting quality talent with the utmost ease. So, make it a point to leverage modern technologies and formulate an effective hiring plan in order to get started with passive recruiting without difficulty.