5 Best Applicant Tracking Systems for Small Businesses

When it comes to finding and hiring new employees, startups and small businesses often face plenty of challenges with the recruitment process. A lot of precious time that could have been utilized for important business tasks is spent on going through the bulky paperwork, filtering applicants, scheduling interviews etc. Moreover, startups may not always have enough resources to fit a professional hiring manager into their budget. However, small businesses can still boost the overall efficacy of the hiring process by utilizing a top-grade Applicant Tracking System (ATS) solution.

Besides facilitating collaboration among teams and maximizing participation, an ATS makes it possible for small businesses to eliminate the burden of having to undergo lengthy manual processes for recruiting new talent. In fact, the best Applicant Tracking System for small businesses comes equipped with all the crucial features that are required for improving the recruitment process. Earlier, ATS solutions were quite expensive and they were only meant for catering to the business requirements of large corporates. Owing to the recent technological advancements, startups and small businesses can now afford an Applicant Tracking Software without having to spend a fortune.

In this article, we have prepared a comprehensive list of the 5 best low-cost Applicant Tracking Systems so that you can make the right selection based on your business requirements.

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RMS Pro from Naukri is one of the best applicant tracking system for small business

 RMS Pro is a low-cost Applicant Tracking System that caters to the requirements of small and medium-sized businesses as well as enterprises. Equipped with a remarkable user-friendly interface, recruiters can utilize this economical recruitment software without any special training. Despite being an inexpensive technological solution, Naukri RMS comes with all the premium features needed for streamlining the various hiring processes. For example, advanced candidate search, API integration, interview scheduling and workflow management are some of the key features of this powerful recruitment software. Most importantly, this modern-day Applicant Tracking System automates the entire recruitment process instantaneously, thereby ameliorating the overall quality of hire. Since this is a cloud-based recruitment solution, all candidate data is stored in the cloud and is completely secure. So, startups and small companies that have a limited budget can opt for RMS Pro from Naukri to recruit and retain the best talent around.

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Freshteam is another applicant tracking system for small companies

Another popular budget-friendly ATS for small-sized businesses is Freshteam. Being a multi-utility recruitment software, Freshteam has helped plenty of small companies to achieve their hiring goals. With the assistance of this intuitive and easy-to-use Applicant Tracking System, small businesses can improve the efficacy of their recruitment procedures by many times. Some of the essential features offered by Freshteam consist of personalized engagement, contextual conversations, collaborative hiring, employment referrals etc. Moreover, Freshteam solution  makes it simpler for recruiters to get in touch with top talent via multiple channels such as popular job boards, social media platforms, emails, career pages etc. Another important thing to note is the affordable pricing of this Applicant Tracking System.


Recooty is one of the best applicant tracking software for small business

 Trusted by thousands of businesses across the world, Recooty is a cost effective Applicant Tracking System that makes it easy for recruiters to engage and hire the best candidates for new job openings. Simple to use, this ATS solution streamlines hiring right from stage one to the very end of the recruitment process. Recruiters make use of this Applicant Tracking System for important tasks like publishing job openings, scheduling interviews, onboarding candidates etc. Apart from all these phenomenal aspects of this ATS, Recooty is renowned for providing candidates with a great user experience. Without a doubt, small companies can reap great benefits by integrating this economical ATS solution into their businesses.

BambooHR is a popular applicant tracking software small business

 BambooHR is another pocket friendly Applicant Tracking System that is used by a large number of small businesses and startups worldwide. With a feature-rich ATS like BambooHR, recruiters can post new job openings and keep a check on the status of the various incoming applications of candidates without any hardships. The Applicant Tracking System comes with all the essential tools and features that enable recruiters to efficaciously manage and monitor every stage of the recruitment process. In addition to this, this remarkable ATS solution is known for its top-notch reporting capabilities. BambooHR helps small businesses to keep track of all the HR activities through reporting and email alerts. Startups with a low budget can select this Applicant Tracking System to boost the efficiency of their hiring processes.


Workable is leading applicant tracking system for small companies

 Workable is an all-in-one recruitment solution that helps businesses of all sizes, especially startups to optimize their hiring procedures without having to spend much. With Workable, recruiters can streamline the whole recruitment process in a single go without any sort of hassle. Easily implementable, this Applicant Tracking System quite simple-to-use and it also facilitates instant collaboration between recruitment teams. Businesses can easily find, track and evaluate the best candidates for the various job openings by effectively making use of this ATS solution. One of the major reasons why this Applicant Tracking System is preferred by most startups and small businesses around the world is because there are no additional charges associated with the installation of Workable, and hence, recruiters can get started with the hiring procedures within a couple of minutes.

The good thing about an ATS solution is that it can effectively perform certain recruiting tasks that would usually require a lot of time if done manually. Without the proper deployment of an Applicant Tracking System, it is not feasible for small businesses and startups to ensure a smooth-running recruitment process.

If you too want to leverage the many benefits an ATS offers, the aforesaid list will come handy in picking a well-featured ATS solution for your small business and improve the overall efficiency of the hiring process.