5 Best AI Based Recruitment Software in India

The advent of the internet and consequent digitization has made getting employed significantly easier for candidates. Tasks that once took hours can now be done with a single click. But this ease has made recruitment all the more difficult for employers. Today, companies see a massive flood of applications for any job posting. How does one navigate across this flood? Well, two emerging technologies can be the answer – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


Applicant tracking systems have already transformed the landscape for many, as 75% companies claim to use Application Tracking Systems (ATS) for recruitment. Now, ATS has been using AI and ML to facilitate easy parsing and search across the huge number of resumes. They can learn about the specific requirements of recruiters and then automatically use filters to ensure that only the relevant resumes are shortlisted. They can also auto-suggest CVs that might interest you!

With that in mind, let’s take a look at 5 AI based Recruitment Software in India that are here to change the game:

  1. NaukriRMS is an AI based recruitment software
  2. TalentRecruit is an AI based recruitment tool
  3. SAP SuccessFactors is an AI based recruitment software
  4. Zwayam is another AI recruiting software
  5. TurboHire is an AI recruitment tool


NaukriRMS is an AI based recruitment software

One of the easiest to use applicant tracking tools out there, NaukriRMS is aimed at simplifying the hiring process. The tool heavily uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate most of the process from the employer’s end. Moreover, it is also hosted in a cloud, so the database is easily accessible and automatic updates are available. Naukri RMS effectively reduces time in the entire hiring process, from posting the job to the candidate joining. The tool can also be used internally for human resource management.

Some of the features of NaukriRMS are:

  • With advanced resume parsing and search (aided by AI), employers can search for any CV they want and easily extract relevant information from them. Then, by applying appropriate filters, the right candidates could be shortlisted – all with the click of a few buttons.
  • The tool easily allows recruiters to import CVs from multiple sources – employee referrals, own career section or social media. Naukri RMS also offers sourcing from its own Naukri Resdex, a comprehensive database of resumes.
  • Other specific features include onboarding, job posting, assessments and workflow management.

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TalentRecruit is an AI based recruitment tool

It is hard to find an ATS that employs AI and ML better than TalentRecruit. The applicant tracking system boasts of combining ‘automation, intelligence and analytics’ in the TalentRecruitCorp module. Using machine learning, the tool can get attuned to the individual needs of the recruiter over time. It can then use that knowledge to rank the resumes of applicants and suggest the most suitable ones to the recruiters automatically. It extensively uses artificial intelligence to select and suggest the right candidates for the appropriate requirements.

The entire tool is designed to streamline the recruitment process while reducing operational costs and increasing efficiency. The tool offers every feature one might look for in an applicant tracking system like job posting, resume parsing, interview scheduling, candidate tracking and onboarding assistance. Additionally, the tool offers an intuitive self-service portal to further simplify and accelerate the recruitment process. Another interesting feature is the easy format generation. In a world where up to 70% qualified applicants get rejected for trivial reasons like incorrect CV format, the smart template can be a life-saver.


SAP SuccessFactors is an AI based recruitment software

SAP SuccessFactors is a tool that goes beyond mere applicant tracking and instead offers a comprehensive resource management solution. Despite the name and the array of features, SuccessFactors is primarily designed to be the one-stop management tool for small and medium enterprises. One of the most appealing features is the Setup Wizard that guides you throughout its functionalities and operations. Taking most of the HR functions under its purview, the tool can efficiently track applicants as well as employees, thus contributing to both talent recruitment and retention. The tool also boasts of a significant reach among prospective applicants hailing from colleges, social media and other organizations. SAP SuccessFactors use both artificial intelligence and machine learning for its extensive resource management, which includes applicant management. Some other features of the tool are:

  • Facilitating the onboarding of new recruits in the company.
  • Managing human resource operations like payroll management, performance management and timesheet management.
  • Offers document management and SAP Signature management via DocuSign.
  • Built-in SEO capability to make career sections of the website more visible in search engine results to applicants.

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Zwayam is another AI recruiting software

To be specific, Zwayam is an end-to-end recruitment automation tool. With the use of artificial intelligence, Zwayam has automated the specific processes involved in recruitment and applicant tracking. The tool boasts of facilitating and automating all steps of recruitment, from the job posting to onboarding and everything in between. Zwayam heavily uses AI, ML and NLP (natural language processing). The combination of these allows recruiters to customize the tools for their specific needs. It is a SaaS platform that is aimed at large and medium-sized industries.

As far as applicant tracking system goes, Zwayam has it covered on all bases. Apart from the steps of recruitment, it maintains a database of all CVs and parses them for the core information. The resumes could be easily searched and filtered. Using AI, Zwayam can also suggest the best suitable resume for the requirements. It also offers background screening to cross-check basic info and screen out the hoax profiles. Other features include offer letter generation and candidate assessment.

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TurboHire is an AI recruitment tool

The USP of TurboHire is its advanced AI, which facilitates human-like guidance in all of its other aspects. From job posting to onboarding of selected candidates, every step is aided by the artificial intelligence system. TurboHire also has a vast network on social platforms, which ensures great visibility of its job postings. The applicants are evaluated with the help of AI, ensuring that only those that fit the criteria of the company are shortlisted. The communications with the candidates are kept open, transparent and often unaided by human assistance, as the AI system is capable of managing the candidates. The tool also offers the other usual features of ATS like resume search, resume parsing, candidate tracking and interview scheduling.

TurboHire is not just limited to recruitment but also operates in other departments like sales management, CRM and lead generation. In all of these domains, the AI-system helps the staff in decision-making while improving overall efficiency.

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The application of AI and ML in applicant tracking systems was not just inevitable, but also necessary. As these technologies continue to improve, the tools will become more capable of screening candidates and improving the recruitment process, both now and in the future.