4 Employer Branding Tools To Use In 2020

A company’s online reputation plays a major role in determining the overall success rate of the recruitment campaign. According to a recent report, employer branding has become a key priority for most job applicants. This is why a multitude of organizations globally have started shifting their focus to developing an employer brand that attracts top industry talent. Unlike in the past, employer branding tools do not cost much and hence, companies with a low budget can also afford them without having to undergo financial difficulties. From a greater inflow of candidates’ applications to reduced time to hire and onboard new talent, having a strong employer brand is key to boosting the overall recruitment efficiency of a company. Being a highly powerful modern-day business tool, a positive employer brand possesses the potential to assist human resources professionals in turbocharging talent acquisition so that they can fill vacant job positions in the organization more effectively. Given below is a detailed list of the 5 best employer branding tools that you can use in 2020 for improving your brand image in order to stand out in today’s tough labor market and recruit the best talent around in a jiffy.


Pathmotion is a good tool for employer branding

Pathmotion is a popular employer branding tool that allows employees working in your organization to share relevant career stories to quickly pique the interest of prospective job applicants, thus enhancing the business’s brand image online. Moreover, the platform helps companies produce compelling content that can be advertised across the various recruitment channels for attaining exceptional hiring results without much hard work. The positive interactions with the existing workers of the company are indeed bound to leave a good impression on potential candidates. In addition to boosting candidate engagement, the conversational insights acquired from this tool can also help recruiters supercharge their employer branding strategy to attract better talent swiftly.

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Altru is one of the best tools for employer branding

Altru is another great mobile-optimized platform that helps companies fulfill their employer branding requirements in today’s era of digital innovations. This tool enables employees working in the company to give responses to key questions asked by prospective candidates intending to apply to vacant job posts. These questions could be related to job responsibilities, workplace culture, how working at your company would help candidates advance in their careers etc. Apart from this, Altru allows organizations to customize their job application processes in such a way that a large number of applicants are motivated to apply. By enhancing interaction between company workers and potential candidates, Altru prepares the way for improved engagement across the different phases of the talent acquisition process.


Social Seeder is a top tool for employer branding

Companies looking to amplify the reach of their brand on social media channels can reap remarkable benefits from this employer branding software as it provides full support for the same. Social Seeder can help recruiting professionals run successful employee advocacy programs to improve the company’s brand visibility over the internet. The software can also be useful for creating effective recruitment marketing campaigns to reach out to passive talent, enhance the overall hire quality, pave the path for a higher return on investment (ROI) and strengthen the organization’s brand image simultaneously. Besides all this, Social Seeder provides HR professionals with data-driven insights that they can deploy to continually enhance their employer branding strategy to achieve the desired business objectives at the earliest time possible.


Papirfly is a great tool for employer branding

 Another well-known employer branding tool, Papirfly helps companies make creative use of banners, images, and logos to easily attract best-fit candidates, thereby accelerating the entire recruitment process in a single go. This extraordinary employer branding automaton solution enables recruiters to uplift the visual identity of the company’s brand so that they can distinguish themselves from their competitors. Moreover, the software gives a notable boost to the overall candidate experience by automating the creation of employer brand assets. The best part about Papirfly is that it comes loaded with highly attractive templates for deep analytics, custom emails, recruiting workflow automation etc.

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  Since employer branding is gaining substantial importance in the current HR landscape, professional recruiters have now started incorporating the same into their hiring strategy. But the majority of new-age businesses still struggle a lot when it comes to connecting with highly skilled job applicants and building strong talent pools owing to their weak brand identity in the industry. In fact, companies that disregard building their employer brand end up squandering enormous amounts of money on additional recruitment costs and yet, they are unable to produce the desired hiring results requisite for long-term business growth. What’s newsworthy is that the effective utilization of present-day recruiting digital technologies can work wonders for facilitating the formation of a positive brand image even in a limited span of time. With a robust employer brand, recruiters can cut back on talent acquisition costs, attract well-qualified job applicants, and make their candidate pipelines stronger with the greatest ease. More essentially, see to it that you invest in the most modern recruitment tools that will boost hiring efficacy and help you build a winning employer brand instantly.