10 Best Software For Recruiters

It is an undisputed fact that new-age technological solutions can help recruiters improve their productivity by leaps and bounds. Businesses worldwide are constantly investing in the latest recruitment technologies to compete for top industry talent in the current candidate-driven job market. With the right set of productivity tools in hand, HR professionals can effortlessly streamline multiple labor-intensive manual hiring activities and focus on achieving better recruiting results as rapidly as possible. In this article, we have prepared a detailed list of the 10 best software for recruiters to improve productivity and drive better business outcomes. (Also Read: The Top 10 Recruitment Software )


Top 10 Software for Recruiters

Naukri RMS is the best software for recruiters


Naukri RMS is without a doubt the best recruitment software that recruiters can use to improve productivity. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), the software comes equipped with a wide range of cutting-edge technologies that can work wonders for enhancing the overall experience for recruiters as well as the different stakeholders involved in the talent acquisition process. It features a highly advanced and user-friendly dashboard to make it easier for recruiters to track the various ongoing hiring activities and make the requisite process improvements, thereby augmenting recruiting efficiency. Since Naukri RMS is a collaborative recruitment software, it empowers modern business teams to work together in harmony so that they can make more informed decisions and hire talented candidates faster. This productivity-boosting recruitment software can also help HR professionals to boost their employer branding, manage the talent pipeline, foster long-lasting relationships with candidates, and onboard new employees within the shortest possible time.

Asana is a top software for recruiters


Despite being an essential aspect of modern-day recruiting, multitasking is indeed a very tiresome process as the same requires a great deal of effort. With a technologically-advanced project management tool like Asana, recruiters and hiring managers can master the art of multitasking and drive excellent business results without facing any kind of challenge. Packed with a number of smart features, Asana can instantly boost the productivity of HR professionals and help them stay focused on long-term business goals. Hiring managers can utilize Asana to handle multiple recruiting tasks simultaneously without losing efficiency.

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Toggl is a popular software for recruiters


There is absolutely no denying the fact that poor time management can reduce recruitment efficacy and lead to a serious loss of productivity in the workplace. Recruiters who are unable to manage their time efficiently can reap great benefits from this software. Toggl is a highly advanced productivity tool that generates comprehensive reports for human resources professionals to track time spent on recruiting tasks so that they can manage their work schedules accordingly. Apart from paving the way for effective time management, Toggl can improve hiring productivity to a great extent.


Boomerang is a well known software for recruiters


One cannot deny that crafting and sending effective outreach emails is of vital importance for recruiters. Equipped with various features, Boomerang is a new-age email productivity tool that enables recruiters to maintain consistent communication with applicants. By leveraging the features of this recruitment productivity tool, hiring managers can easily set up reminders and schedule emails so as to ensure that they are forwarded to candidates at the right time. Moreover, this productivity software can also help recruiters schedule meetings faster and follow up on emails that fail to get a response from job candidates.

HireHive is a top 1o software for recruiters


HireHive is another recruitment productivity software that can help hiring managers perform more efficiently. With the proper deployment of this software, HR professionals can speed up their entire recruitment process by automating the manual tasks in one go. HireHive can also come in handy for publishing job openings on highly popular boards and social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc. Other than this, this software can be utilized by recruiters to personalize career pages, schedule interviews, manage applicants’ profiles, and so on.


BambooHR is a one of the top software for recruiters


BambooHR is a cloud-based recruiting solution suitable for small and midsized organizations. HR professionals looking to improve their productivity levels can leverage this software to find prospective candidates and attain top-notch hiring results instantly. Moreover, BambooHR features a centralized database to help recruiters track the status of the hiring process without any difficulty. The best part about this software is that it allows hiring managers to track insights related to employee performance, retention rates etc.


Freshteam is good HR productivity software


Another well-known HR productivity software for present-day recruiters and hiring managers, Freshteam makes it easier to attract top industry talent through a variety of channels like premium job boards, branded career pages and popular social media networks. Businesses that are growing at a rapid pace can use this recruitment software to their own advantage for hiring fresh talent, onboarding new hires, and managing candidate data. Another added benefit is that this software makes it feasible for recruiters to collaborate with other business teams to make better decisions.


TextRecruit is one of the best HR software for recruiters


A majority of new-age HR professionals are in agreement with the fact that maintaining effective communication is vital for improving candidate engagement throughout the talent acquisition process. By utilizing a recruitment productivity tool like TextRecruit, recruiters can streamline communication and engage with potential job applicants much faster. This way recruiters and HR managers can facilitate huge time savings while providing prospective candidates with a seamless experience concurrently.

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Sparkhire is a popular HR software for recruiters


Video interviews are a great way of saving valuable time and resources of modern-day recruiters who are always on the go. Spark Hire enables hiring managers to conduct video interviews to ensure that all the job candidates are screened in the best manner possible. Above all, the software also allows recruiters to record video interviews and share them with other employees so that they can give their feedback for effective team-based decision making.


Hootsuite is a top productivity software for recruiters


It is extremely important for recruiters to build a robust social media presence to attract potential candidates. Since doing this manually can be quite tiring and time-consuming, it is always preferable to utilize a social media management tool like Hootsuite as it can help to boost recruiting productivity in a flash. Recruiters can make effective use of this software to maintain their social media presence by sharing relevant content every now and then to increase applicant engagement. Hiring managers can also employ Hootsuite to keep a check on the performance of their posts on different social media channels so that they can improve their content accordingly.



Taking the current hiring trends into consideration, it cannot be denied that the recruitment revolution is bound to be digitized in the near future. Now, it has become imperative for HR professionals to invest in the best recruitment technology for achieving outstanding hiring results. Therefore, make it a point to employ the latest recruiting productivity tools to boost hiring efficacy and facilitate future business growth without any hassle.